My First Blog Post

Welcome To My Journey

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I will be writing about Aliens, and the paranormal. An open mind opens doors to all possibilities. Thinking outside the box is a great way to search for things that are not written in books. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Deja Vu

Have you ever thought about something that comes naturally to you. It just could be from a past life. Anything is possible. I find it interesting that writing is what I enjoy to do. Who knows where it came from.

I find it interesting that science tries to explain everything, but not everything is science. Reincarnation is part of us. It does explain a lot of things. Our fears, our dreams, our anxieties and so much more.

It also explains places where we want to go, and places we have no interest at all. It could be with food we like and food we can’t stand. Even people we hate and people we like.

Life is strange. If we can recall past lives, we can understand deja vu. Thinking outside the box can open doors that we never knew before.

Thanks for reading.

Voices In Our Heads

The spiritual world is close to us. There are many stories from people who have heard voices, who have been touched in violent ways. It is scary when you have no one to talk to about that. You feel someone will call you crazy, but you are not. It is real.

Spirits are around even when you don’t see them or hear them. They watch us also. If you feel cold that is a sign they are very close to you. Most people assume they are just cold and shrug it off.  That is something to think about.

When people hear voices, it can mean many things. A spirit wants to communicate with you. Maybe it is a person from a past life. Or maybe the person is lonely. Maybe a person wants closure to why they died. Maybe someone killed them and they need your help. Not all spirits want to hurt you. They just want closure to something. Or maybe the house you live belonged to them and they don’t want you there for some reason.

Sometimes it can be music you hear, or an animal meowing or barking. Odd things happen for a reason. Even animals can pick up on voices or someone near by. In the spiritual world anything us possible. It is good to think outside the box.

Thanks for reading.

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Spirituality and the Paranormal

Spirituality are animals and people who have a soul. Our soul which carries in every reincarnation.  Our subconscious mind remembers every thing. This goes beyond what science understands. The spiritual world is closer than people realize and want to believe. It is part of our evolution. You believe it to be or you don’t. Opinions very in that. I believe it explains a lot about humanity. Spirituality means many things to different people. Spirits are ghosts, dark shadows, orbs. They have other names as well. The spiritual world can communicate with us, if we choose to or ignore them too.

The. Paranormal goes beyond science also. To me paranormal are activities humans can do without using our five senses. Communicating with spirits is one. Moving objects without touching it physically. Even reading people without them knowing. Even just knowing something isn’t right. They just know it to be.  People can see ghosts is also part of the paranormal. Spirituality and the paranormal can be part of each other. Alien life forms, or creatures which are weird shaped are here for whatever reason. They are created unnaturally or they are also alien. There are so much we still don’t understand. Science does not answer all questions. It depends on what belief a person believes. It is okay to disagree but not to judge what others think. It is good to think outside the box.

Thanks for reading

Unexplained Noises

Have you ever sat in room, and you heard a noise of people talking or music and the there is no one in the room but you. The television set is off and the radio is not on  What an eerie feeling that is.

Have you gone for a walk in a park and you hear children playing, but when you look around there are no children to be seen. Or you hear animals around but none of them are around. You just say that is my imagination playing tricks on me.

The spiritual world is full of animals as well as people. Time means nothing in the spiritual world.

It is also interesting that we smell things in the air, but there are no people around.  If you smell good chicken cooking, but no one is in the kitchen and you see the stove is not on. Or you smell cigars or cigarettes but no one is around.  We live in world of odd circumstances, but science will never stand it because it goes beyond science.

Think outside the box, and thanks for reading


I find it interesting that we want to go to the moon and Mars, but we can’t find a cure for Covid19.  How can we find other life on other planets when we can’t get along on this planet. Death is the norm here on earth. Homelessness is increasing. Life here will never be the same. Hate is on the rise in every part of the world.

We need to work on our planet first. We should solve issues like garbage in the oceans, so sea life can strive. We need to get along or just be civil to each other. Life is about freedom to live your way, but not to force your beliefs on others who don’t agree with it.

There are still so much to uncover on this planet. What is hidden in the ice, what is hidden in the middle East. What is hidden in the oceans, rivers, and caves.  Even in our forests.

People were not meant to be together. That is why we have oceans, but now it’s to late to reverse it. Our cultures and beliefs make us who we are.

If we do find life on other planets how can we get along, we can’t even get along on this planet. We need to think outside the box.

Thanks for reading

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Time can stand still in the spiritual world. A spirit can make a clock stop. It can show you a time that means something to you. When a person dies, or the time you married a person. Or a birthday or a time you were born.

There are many ways to communicate with the dead. They have their ways to communicate with you too. Odd things that happen are spirits trying to reach out to you.  We assume no its our imagination, but in reality it is not, it is real.

Have you put something down, but you find it somewhere else instead. Spirits can move objects to get your attention. Have you heard a chair move or just making a noise and no one is around but you. Just something to think about.

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Thanks for reading

Violent Spirits

There are many kinds of spirits. There are spirits that live among us that are peaceful and others that are violent. Some spirits are even playful. Spirits have also saved people. The spiritual world is something which is very misunderstood.

Spirits are not religious because the spiritual world is so different. Not all spirits are caring.  That’s why they scare people because they know who to scare and who to stay away from.

There are many real stories about spirits who have attacked people. Scares that are unexplained, and some that lifted people up into the air. People have been thrown down the stairs and even thrown through a window. It is ba very scary experience.

People who don’t believe it. Say it is made up and that people hurt themselves.  If it was that way the scratches on peoples backs would look like human marks.  People should know the difference.  Spirits do make themselves known when there space is invaded. Keep an open mind. Not all stories are lies. Something to think about.

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Stubborn Spirits

Love is a strong bond between two people. There are many kinds of love. Sisters and brothers, parents, friends, and grandparents. Husbands and wives have strong bonds too. Every ones story is different with different circumstances. We also have strong attachments to our pets. Love is strong even for animals.

When a spirit has an attachment to a person. It could be a lover, a grandparent you are close to. Even pets can be around. People have a soul and so do animals.

Spirits hang around when they worry about a living person. Sometimes it can be a pain when you are having a private moment with someone.  Or you are reading a book. Or sipping your coffee.

Spirits hang around for many reasons. If you believe in spirits find a compromise so you won’t step on each other’s toes. We need to think outside the box, not in it.

Thanks for reading

Spiritual Connecting

It is sad when you lose a person you are close with. It could be a partner in marriage, a family member. Or just a close friend. Loss is hard to handle in any circumstance. Even when we lose a pet it is hard.

People who believe they can feel a person’s presents know that it is a real experience. Just because you don’t believe does not mean it is just wishful thinking or that it is your imagination playing tricks on you.

The spiritual world is closer than people realize. When people use an Ouija board, it is a doorway to the dead. If people use spiritual writing to communicate that is another doorway. Even seances is another way.  Meditation is also another way. When you feel coldness someone is there with you. Even pets can show themselves too.

Life is not black or white. I am not talking about people, but that one truly does not understand or wants to admit is real. I am writing about the spiritual world. Thinking outside the box, opens doors to spiritual world and that is not evil and bad in any way. Just prepare and be safe. Research about peoples experiences, and see if it that is something you really want to try.

Thanks for reading

Life On Other Planets

We have gone to the moon and we want to go to Mars. No one talked or has written anything about what can hurt them on other planets. What viruses or poisons are on other worlds. Not even if how we can protect ourselves on other planets. Our world is full of hate, full of greed and so much death. We can’t handle this planet, so why ruin other planets. Our beaches and oceans are full of garbage and humanity thinks everything is beautiful and great. We can’t even get along with each other. How can we connect with anything in the universe. We steal, we cheat, we destroy and our opinions don’t matter. Our freedom of speech is being destroyed and we want to leave this planet so we can destroy another planet. Earth should be cleaned up first. If there were only animals on this planet. Life here would be beautiful. Distruction is a human thing. We destroy everything humanity can touch. If I was an Alien I would not want to show myself either. We believe we have come a long way, but I don’t think so. We are far away that. Humanity needs to look at animal behaviour, so we can exist better. But we won’t. Too many opinions not enough solutions.

Thanks for reading.

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Paranormal Movies

People make movies for peoples entertainment but it does come with a price. It always end up with sickness or some unexplained death or even murder. The person who makes the movie or movies don’t die but something in their life something sad or tragedy happens in their family. Spirits feel mocked and hurt that their lives are meant for people to make fun of them. Which movies do.  The spiritual world do know when their story is about them.  Actors who are portrayed get it directly from those spirits. You can believe it or you don’t. The spiritual world watches us and at times interacts with us. There are always going to be movies made or videos made because people are curious about the paranormal and spiritual world.

Thanks for reading

Ghost Towns

I read an article about a man who bought a ghost town. It was interesting. What I never hear or read about. Did he learn about the town and what happened to the people there. There was nothing about that. If it was me. I would go there and chech it out first. I would ask permission to go into the houses. I have never seen any video of people doing that. I think people need to that first. It is called respect. Just because it is empty does not mean no one is there. Spirits are there for a reason. Just because you have not seen a million dollars does not mean it does not exist and the same goes for spirits. Spirits should be respected. Every one has a story to tell. People believe spirits are demons or evil and they are not. We need think outside the box.

Thanks for reading


People who died are called spirits and ghosts and many other names. The spiritual world is not evil. Spirits can if they want to show themselves, and they take different forms to do so. Some are ghosts, some are dark spirits. Some come in the shape of balls. Some spirits stay around because they are happy in that spot, or they feel safe. It all depends on the spirit or spirits.

A soul in my opinion is our experiences from each life that our subconscious mind remembers. Some people connect to their or they don’t believe in past lives. It comes to us when it wants to. Some people listen to it while others just ignore it. It all depends on the person.  Our subconscious can say so much or say nothing. It is part of our spiritual being.  Open minds can unlock doors. Something to think about.

Thanks for reading.

Spirits In Your Home

I read an article about finding spirits in your home. People seem this is entertainment or they want attention from others. In my opinion it is using the people who died, their energy. It is not a game it is a persons spirit that you are bothering.  When you use a Ouija board you are inviting spirits in. Some are kind while others can be harmful. The spiritual world is not the same as the living world. There are more spirits than there are living people.  Be careful what you wish for. You just might get a big surprise from the spiritual world. Think outside the box not in it.

Thanks for reading.

Stepping Into The Past

Spirit beings which also include animals outweigh the living. Spirits lurk every where and some even leave this planet of ours. The spiritual world is huge. Spirits live in houses, some places where there is nothing inside they still linger. It could be a hotel, home or a shop. So much has been built on top of something which was there before. People who don’t believe in spirits, think spirits are evil demons and they are not. Spirits can make things happen. Turning lights on and off or throwing things around. They can walk through walls and even open doors. They know who fears them and who does not. When people don’t respect each other, how can they respect the dead. I have never seen people asking to enter an empty home, or hotel. If they did it would be a different experience. You can’t change what you truly don’t understand. Did you ever wonder why you got sick out if the blue, or you always feel negative energy near you. Be aware. People need to think outside the box not in it. Always keep an open mind.

Thanks for reading.

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Thinking Outside The Box

There are there are more deaths then there are lives and there are more spirits than people realize. Even the dead have a story to tell something to say maybe they died from murder from hunger and even suicide. I’m sad about that. But they live in silence and no one hears their words they are alone and they have no one to help them and most take them for granted. We must help them to move on and to live again death is a doorway to another dimension just because you die does not mean your soul dies, it doesn’t change your personality, it stays the same in that dimension if you’re a good person angry person silly person it all depends on the situation and what has been done to them we need to respect them because even in the spiritual world we need to listen and respect them not to enter their homes without asking and not pretending to be there friend when deep down you don’t care at all. You want to make a name for yourself, if you want to believe you’re greater than someone else they know it they feel it and they can smell truth and they can smell lies we need to respect the spiritual world because they have answers that they can give us but only if we listen with our hearts and our minds.

Being lost in the world is scary, and even being in the living world can be scary too because no one knows what tomorrow. Helping them will bring give the dead hope. Give the dead a step into another life may be a happier one. Or at least a chance at another life. They will appreciate you and remember you.

Thanks for reading.

Societal Rethink

With all the shit going on. Societal rethink needs to be addressed. We need to change from closeness to distancing ourselves from others before more people die.

Communist society is way different from freedom of rights. We can’t unite as a whole until we all humanity is on the same page. This would be a step forward towards peace. That will never be because people are stubborn when they are set in their ways. We need a good argument to convince a side to change.

If we run stores night and day we could distance ourselves better. We should eat at home because you know exactly what you are putting into your mouth. If you have allergies be safe is a smart idea. Having recreation in your home is safer. Weight training at home, doing yoga, meditation will take a lot of stress away. Being at home more might just help you relax more. Some people prefer night time activity than day time activity. It goes for banking too.

Hospitals, dentists, eye doctors, I am not sure about because closeness is dangerous because of the corona virus. So what is the safest way to get help? We need to figure that out.

Humanity needs to find answers to situations than destroying places and things that having to do with the issues at hand. Think outside the box and than things just might be achieved.

Thanks for reading.

There Are No Demons

We are brought up to believe in God. That is fine if you want to believe in something. I am not a believer. Each person has right to believe what they want. You are not a sinner if you don’t believe in God. We have the freedom to choose what we want to believe.

The spiritual world is very misunderstood because there so many ideas of what it is about. Spirits are not evil. They are just angry spirits who have done crimes for whatever reason. Or they did it to protect themselves. Whatever a person has done does not mean that they are demons. Spirits are just misunderstood people who need help to move on . Death is a door to spiritual world. Religion should not be used because not all spirits believe.

There is good and bad in all people. No one is perfect. The spiritual world is full of spirits who are good. Sure you there are mean spirits, but when you die your personality comes with you. So just be careful who you let in.

Spirits talk through people, but there are other ways too. It is scary if you are not a believer. Always remember every spirit has a story to tell.

Thanks for reading.


I have seen many alien ships. I wonder why they are here and what do they want with us. Is it to take earth over or just to test our evolution process. Or to see our brain and analysis it. I am not afraid of them, but curious about them and I wonder what they could offer us in exchange of helping them understand humanity. I don’t understand what the government knows about them and that bothers me. Why do they have knowledge that we don’t have excess to. We have the right to know.

What I fear is what humanity is doing to each other. We are not United in any way at all. We live in violence and unknowning. Half the world does what they are told and the other do what they please. We again I say are not United but torn. There is no peace but chaos all over the world. My fear is keeping my children safe, by the hands of man.

Thanks for reading.

Fears In Past Lives and Present Lives

Have you ever wondered if your fears come from past lives? I believe they do. Most people are unaware of their past lives. What they did than and who they were. It is like reading a book about a person from a past life but that person was you. This might just be a dream and how can it be true. Reincarnation is not a new concept. It just might be part of our evolution. It might seem like a fantasy, but to me it’s real. Nothing to impossible.

Some fears we have come from our parents. Most parents don’t share their fears and frustrations with their kids. Our fears make us who and what we are. We take drugs to help us with depression and anxiety and to those who have a hard time sleeping. I wonder from past lives that depression comes from, and sleeping issues. Past lives could have a strong effect on the here and now.

Past lives have something to say about us today. We should not live in past but to understand where we have been and what we have learned. Life is not just black and white but gray in some areas. Something to think about. Think outside the box and not in it.

Thanks for reading.

Earth’s Treasures

The moon is beautiful. It has energy to make plants grow. To make vegetables grow at night and so much more. The sun has its energy to make many things happen during the day. The rivers and oceans are here for us to explore. Natures beauty is for all of us to enjoy. We have damaged our planet Earth with so much garbage. There is so much to explain on our planet. Why go to another planet and destroy that one too. We are never satisfied with what we have.

We have gemstones to enjoy. We have trees to sit under and enjoy. There are beautiful wild animals to admire from a distance. We need to take a step back and see the bigger picture. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Other world’s are beauty too, but it does not mean we should travel to them. Maybe when our world is cleaned up and people work together not against each other. Again I say. We should do better for the earth we live in.

Thanks for reading.


It is really sad children and even seniors are dying every day. Life has changed for so many people. This coronavirus has changed our planet forever. What we were use to for decades now needs a new change.

We were taught to, go to school in large classrooms. We we taught to work with a lot of people. We went to large concerts, theatres, we went to Disney World. Now today we need to distance ourselves from others. So we can curve coronavirus. This is not so simple. Shopping for food is a nightmare. We are rushed and going to the bank we have to wait outside. I can’t see people doing this on a rainy day or in winter.

We need to think outside the box. If we had the stores open day and night. Every store would run 24 hours and give the people the choice of when they want to work. It would go for banks too. You can’t distance yourself when everyone does their stuff at the same time. Life is never going be the same. When a business is run 24-7 you would make more money. Something to think about.

Thanks for reading.

Paranormal and Spirits

There are many movies about haunted houses and castles. These are real stories, but what happens when the story is finished? It is sad and intriguing in the same time. It is also terrifying.

The dead live in world in which their spiritual body lives. Some spirits don’t leave where they died but some move on to a new reincarnation. The ones who stay are trying to find a solution to their grief. If you are a believer try and help them to move on.

These movies are entertainment, but those peoples lives are real. Live with anger, frustration and grief. Life should be respected but the dead should be respected too. What people tend to forget is that spiritual world has more people and even animals in it. Life is not black and white. It is full of energy and stories. Help the dead in the end they will help you, but in their own way.

Thanks for reading.

Spirits In A Store

I saw a video of a spirit or maybe more in a store. They were ruining everything or some things. They took down pictures and broke a mirror. It seemed to me it was angry about something. I believe we take for granted what is there before the shop was there. Was there a house, or a barn or a castle maybe? Who knows.

Spirits don’t care who you are. Even if they are children. Anyone who is on their property who they don’t like would do things to scare people away. Maybe that spirit was happy there or murdered there. No one would know if a death was not reported. It is frustrating when things break. You can’t sue a ghost or spirit. The spiritual world is all around us. Even if you don’t see them or not.

People tend to forget when a person dies their personality stays the same when they are dead. Even animals can been seen too. If you hear sounds like a cat meow, or a dog bark you are not hearing things. We even can smell, smells that a person has. Even if they were smokers too. We are not alone.

Thanks for reading.

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Time Of Sounds

We are not alone and that has been proven over and over through time. In one point of time we thought other planets could reach out through mathematics but just maybe they want to reach us through sound waves. The noises we hear could me messages. How to define them I don’t know. I am not a scientist. Sound can be a good thing and sometimes bad. It depends on who is listening.  Most people have their hearing and some are not so lucky. Today we have technology to help people to hear which is a good thing.

We hear things sometimes in our heads. Some people think you are crazy and just maybe someone is trying to communicate with you in the spiritual world. You are a believer or your not. It all depends on the individual. No one is crazy when they hear sounds in their ears.

Sounds come from every where because it is energy floating through the air. It is thunder and lightning.  It is rain falling down. Energy is also in the universe. Sounds that come from above could be messages to us, but to hear the messages you need to have an open mind. We are not alone. If we were. It would be a true waste of space.

Thanks for reading.

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Mystery adds curiosity and questions. That makes us who and what we are. We are astronomers, astronauts, and builders.  We are write stories of Aliens and monsters and ghosts and murderers. We write about love and we write about hate. We write about the paranormal. We write about myths and legends and so much more. Without mystery and adventure life would be a boring place. We would not question anything, but believe what people tell us, but we don’t.

Mystery means different things too different people. Scientist need to question everything to find out if it is fact or fiction. We have people who search for other life forms. Be it Alien or the Spiritual world. There are so many mysteries yet to be discovered. Reincarnation has a lot of mystery to it because it can answer questions which will then make sense. Why we can do things without being taught. We just know how to it. Or we are afraid of something that in this life we have not done it. But another life we have been in. Wild ideas might just be real in another life time.

Mystery might be scary when people don’t believe in it. If we all believed in the same things life would be so dull and boring. It really would. Without mystery no one would want to search for the answers.

Thanks for reading.

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